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HMS Software is the publisher of TimeControl®, a multi-purpose timesheet system which is distributed worldwide.TimeControl is designed to service multiple requirements at the same time. It is a task-based timesheet which can fulfill Project Management requirements.

It is a financially auditable timesheet which can fulfill Finance requirements as well as Payroll, Human Resources and Government compliance requirements simultaneously all from a single timesheet entry.

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TimeControl Industrial was designed for high volume field data collection situations where labor, material, equipment and production values must be collected and tracked from the field and then shared with other internal systems such as Finance for payroll, billing, job costing or contractor management, with project management, estimating or other systems.

Get a better handle on costs, your billing cycle and your production values with TimeControl Industrial and make manual cost calculations a thing of the past.

Our History

HMS Software's experience in timesheet and project management systems stretches back to 1984. Over the years, we have participated in a wide range of implementation of project control systems with some of the world’s most prestigious organizations.

From our modest beginnings deploying project management systems, we have focused on applying the most skilled and knowledgeable technical staff to the challenges of creating commercial off the shelf software for managing timesheet and projects. Our developers are all experienced working directly with clients. Our technical support staff are all qualified developers. Our implementers also have technical support duties. This rotation and multi-function focus of our staff ensures that when clients engage with us, they are speaking to people who know the industry, software development, the challenges of implementation and the support of our clients.

HMS applies these experts in the development of our TimeControl timesheet system and in the implementation of TimeControl as part of larger enterprise project and enterprise timesheet deployments. We have worked with organizations as small as 20 employees to organizations with hundreds of thousands of employees. TimeControl is available for both on-premise and in-the-cloud deployments. Its editions include: TimeControl, TimeControl Industrial, TimeControl Online, TimeControl Industrial Online and TimeControl Project.

HMS has had experience with many of the industry’s most popular project management and project cost control systems. HMS has partnership and decades-long relationshisp wiht Oracle, Microsoft, Deltek and others. All TimeControl versions includes automatic integrations with numerous project systems including Microsoft Proect, Project Online, Project Standard, Project Professional, Project for the Web. It includes automatic integration with Primavera EPPM and Primavera Professional fromk Oracle. Other partnerships include Deltek where TimeControl is integegrated with Open Plan and Cobra, InEight and Contruent.

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    HMS founded

  • 1994

    TimeControl 1 Released

  • 1999

    1st Web-Base TimeControl

  • 2001

    TimeControl 4 All-Web

  • 2007

    TimeControl 5

  • 2007

    TimeControl Industrial

  • 2010

    TimeControl 6

  • 2011

    TimeControl Online SaaS

  • 2016

    TimeControl 7

  • 2017

    TimeControl Mobile App

  • 2019

    TimeControl 8

  • 2022

    TimeControl Project

  • 2023

    TimeControl BI

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    Further, the ease of installation and configuration and the flexibility in generating reports to satisfy our customer's...

    Michael Hanke, Operations Manager, SCISYS

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  • Ascendant


    We are pleased to recommend TimeControl to companies that want a simple, effective tool for time management and cost allocation.

    Caroline Rance, Vice President IT, Ascendant Group ltd.

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  • ASL Environmental

    ASL Environmental

    TimeControl has been a solid and reliable part of our project management system for over a decade. HMS support has been great...

    René Chave, CIO, ASL Environmental Sciences inc.

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  • Parker Hannifin

    Parker Hannifin

    I am a strong advocate of TimeControl and the people of HMS. They have been integral to our success and never let me down!

    Paulette Bennett, Division Controller, Parker Hannifin

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  • Nuscale


    I know we have made the best choice. The service from HMS has proven to be reliable and courteous.

    Maurice LaFountain, Primary Systems Supervisor, NuScale

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  • Murray & Roberts

    Murray & Roberts

    Murray & Roberts Projects is very happy with the TimeControl product and the HMS personnel and strongly recommends the system.

    Jan Botha, Business Systems Manager, Murray & Roberts

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